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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Terrorists Endorse Dems

Nuff said.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Obsession (not the perfume)

The creators of the documentary Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West have put a 12 minute teaser online. It's an eye-opener and it has me licking my chops to see the full length version. Ask yourself why lib propagandists like Robert Greenwald ignore the clear threat too our freedoms posed by Islam, instead wasting their time making paranoid movies about "stolen" elections. Or how liberals can justify spreading traitorous propaganda in movie theaters while our nation is at war. Liberal hate speech obviously has its supporters as a recent comment on my Beastly Bombing review proves. Don't they realize that if the Islamofacists had their way, these decadent Hollywood liberals and their "satire" would be the first to have their heads cut off?

Monday, October 23, 2006

9/11 is a Joke??!!?

So, against my better judgement, I let my friend drag me to this musical about the 9/11 terrorist attacks called "The Beastly Bombing." The play, which is like a Gilbert and Sullivan opera, turns the horrific events of 9/11 into a comedy, complete with singing and dancing Islamic terrorists, Nazi skinhead thugs, a buffoonish President and his drug-addled daughters, a pedophile priest, bumbling cops and a flaming homosexual Jesus. In short, exactly the kind of thing Hollywood liberals find funny.

The show was appropriately held at the Center for Inquiry, some kind of meeting place for the atheist crowd. This appaling "satire" attempts to get laughs with songs like "I Hate Jews" and "A Delightful Bomb." You get the idea. Basically it turns the tragedy of 9/11 into a big joke and claims moral equivalence between Islamist terrorists and conservative Jews and Christians. Since all these groups are religious, the play wants us to think they're all equally capable of committing acts of violent terrorism.

Also, when the play's terrorists blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, the fictional president chooses a country at random to bomb in retaliation. This reflects the liberal talking point that Bush randomly chose to bomb Iraq after 9/11, even though there is plenty of evidence of Hussein's connection to terror. Worst of all, the President (obviously Bush) is supposed to be a sexual deviant who brandishes a leather whip, and has a gay love affair with Jesus. You can't imagine how insufferable it was to sit among these smug liberals and atheists, laughing as their own President was being mocked. Laughing at cutesy, defanged portrayals of Islamofascist terrorists, who in the real world, ruthlessly kill in the name of Allah.

The writer and director of this farce is named Julien Nitzberg. A self-hating Hollywood Jew of the most predictable kind, Mr. Nitzberg is the Tokyo Rose of the War on Terror. I hope his play is a bomb.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Wacky Hollywood Roundup

So, OJ Simpson is going to write a book where he hypothetically confesses to murdering Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. What's worse: Simpson profiting off of his crimes or the book company that will likely make a fortune from this trash?

The respected, conservative media watchdog group AIM challenged Rupert Murdoch on his pro-Clinton, liberal bias at a shareholder meeting. Now, before you libs start writing in and complaining about how "right wing" Fox News is, read AIMs list of valid questions. Sure, their coverage is better than most, and not as bad as CNN (Clinton News Network) and they have 24, which is possibly the most patriotic show on TV. But Murdoch is an avowed pal of the Clintons who supports Democrat candidates and pushes junk science about global warming. Also, 24 notwithstanding, shows like The Simpsons and Arrested Development attack the traditional family and ridicule President Bush. The latter even had some episodes in Iraq where the war effort and the troops were openly mocked.

Dems have their panties in a bunch because Orange County Republican candidate Tan Nguyen sent out a letter to Mexican households correctly informing them that if they were illegal immigrants, they were not allowed to vote. Duh! This is a controversy?

In other election news, Stalinist liberals want the nanny state to impose yet another usurious tax on smokers. They already banned smoking in bars statewide. In Santa Monica, where you can't even smoke on the beach, the health Nazis just outlawed all outdoor smoking. No kidding!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


It's Ramadan, the Muslim holy month! Michelle Malkin reminds us just how Muslims choose to celebrate this special time. Meanwhile, Hollywood liberals do their part.

Now playing at your favorite liberal movie theater.

Coming soon to the Arclight.

Cutting edge satire from the Hollywood Left.

Politically-correct comedy from "politically-incorrect" comics.

This is a disgrace.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Anti-Bush Movie NOT Coming to a Theater Near You

Perhaps you hear about the anti-Bush snuff flick Death of a President. It turns out there are still some patriotic people left in Hollywood. The nation's biggest exhibitors will not be showing this disgraceful propaganda in their theaters! But, here in Hollyweird, where the movie will probably do good business, the movie will show at the Arclight. I am conflicted, cause I love this theater. They have the nicest seats, good customer service and really good hot dogs, but their decision to show this movie makes me angry. Anyone want to join me in protesting?

LA's Traitorous Teachers

If you want to know how backwards the public schools are in LA, check out this report on the pro-terrorist teacher's union. Support for Hamas is just one in a series of mental illnesses afflicting our public schools. When you kick out the military recruiters and let in the anti-American groups, this is what happens to your student body. (Is there any difference between these photos and these?)

The LA teachers care more about Arab suicide bombers than Americans getting their heads cut off by Islamothugs. Luckily, students have their choices, because the liberal teacher's union haven't outlawed free speech yet. Those getting ready for college can even apply for a fellowship in anti-terrorism!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Who am I?

I am a film student, budding screenwriter and conservative activist. Living behind enemy lines, in liberal Hollywood, I will report on the Left's war against American culture and traditions. I have always been a movie nut and grew up in front of the boob tube. When I became politically-conscious in high school during Bubba's reign of terror, I became concerned about politics and how the organized left was manipulating America's image of itself through television and movies. After September the 11th, my feelings have only grown stronger. The die-hard Hollywood lefties are undermining America in it's war against Fascist Islam. My goal is to someday make movies and shows from a conservative perspective and hopefully restore the balance. Until I finish school and get my break in Hollywood, I will devote my time to exposing the way these traitors think and how they attack the foundations of America with their movies and shows. Thank you for reading!!